Owners Corey and Alison Boone

Our Promise to You

We began Taste of Alaska to bring healthy wild Alaskan seafood to Montana at an affordable price. We are committed to providing our product from sustainable fisheries which do not over-harvest the seafood population.

Sustainable Resource

Salmon is a great source of renewable protein. The fisheries used to catch these wild Alaskan salmon are managed to prevent over-fishing. Each fishing district is overseen by an experienced fish and game biologist who controls the escapement of salmon into their spawning grounds and who regulates the commercial harvest based on escapement records. Because of this emphasis on sustainable fishing, the Alaskan salmon runs are healthy and still thriving under increased consumer demands. Taste of Alaska and its owners, Corey and Alison Boone, understand the importance of a sustainable market, and that is why we want to bring that product to Montana.

Taste of Alaska can be found at the Clark Fork River Market, below the Higgins bridge, from the 1st Saturday in May until the 3rd Saturday in October. Taste of Alaska also does home deliveries in the Missoula area, see the Delivery page for more information.